Aug 14, 2018
My Coop
My Coop
Hi everyone. I had a bantam rosecomb hen that was really weird. She died almost a year ago, but I was just wondering what in the world could have caused her to act the way she did. Anyway, here's a background on Blackbird;
I got her (I know it's a hen because I saw her lay eggs and I have a video) from the neighbors who were moving and had to get rid of their chickens. She was housed with a shamo rooster and standard birds (I received 3 standard hens from them also). She actually had a single comb but had all the characteristics or a rosecomb. She had a baby bird I named Sweetie, a bantam rosecomb with the proper comb type. He was later attacked and killed by a hawk, who decapitated the poor thing and knocked off part of his skull. I got a trio of Pekins but their rooster (and several other birds) were attacked by an unidentified creature.
She then exhibited a weird behavior; trying to mate with other hens. She would mount the hen (this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen and I do NOT condone it) and then try to mate with it. She acted like a rooster, herding the hens, and even TRIED TO CROW by making a terrible honking and posing like a rooster with an arched neck. She took the place of the deceased rooster, which was freaky. What happened here?!!


Spicy Sugar Cookie
Apr 26, 2017
Sometimes if there is no roo, a hen will assume the position. The only way to fix this is to get a rooster! I have a little Dutch Bantam that once tried to crow, even though I have a rooster. But she is kind of the crazy one (hatches is freezing weather, she’s a crazy mama) so... :gig

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