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I took the day off from doing the quail pen today (it was raining off and on) but tomorrow I hope to finish it.

It's gonna have an auto-watering system, which is awesome.

Story about that though, I was able to get most of the parts I needed for it from Home Depot, but neither they nor my local hardware store carried the PVC compression couplings I needed, so I found them on Amazon and ordered them.

They came in two days ago and when I opened the package they were literally covered in mud. One of them had actual mud balls hanging off it. They were so gross my hands actually got really dirty just taking them out of the package. Keep in mind I definitely did not order used ones.

So I sent an email to the seller basically saying look, I'm not going to send these back because I need them and the time it would take me to return them and then get new ones is going to be at least two weeks, probably. But this is not cool, I didn't order used ones, and quite honestly since they're for water for my livestock I'm really a bit afraid to use them because who knows what they were used for before.

I got a response today that was this:

They very well could have been used and thrown back into the bin in our warehouse. I can send you some more that are not stained up with mud to replace the ones that are stained. You can just discard the stained ones once the unstained ones arrive.I will update you with tracking information once the new couplings ship.

Thanks for reaching out to us,

Okay, so they're going to send new ones, at least. But come on. So firstly, you just toss disgusting used products back into your bins to sell to your customers, don't clean them up at least, and don't say anything about them being used.

Then, someone orders some and you pick the grossest, filthiest ones and don't even clean them, don't even decide that it's unacceptable to send them in that state, and ship them out.

And then I have to contact you to tell you it's not okay for you to realize that hey, maybe that's not okay.


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