Well my silkie roo went bye bye...


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Sep 15, 2009
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I stopped at my neighbors and asked if they would like to trade one Silkie Rooster for 2 hens. They said yes! I had 2 roosters for 5 chickens (not working) and my husband loves my big colorful Wyandotte Rooster so he got to stay. I brought home one Aracauna and one light Brahma (I think) I will post a picture. The Aracauna is so friendly I love her..She gives me one blue egg a day. The white one is pretty timid yet. She probably hates me because I gave her a bath. She was pretty dirty and I couldn't take it. Boy did she throw a fit! Funny thing is neither of these hens were laying at the other home but since they are with me I get an egg from each of them; one brown, one blue. I want to let them out with the others but the Aracauna hangs by the coop not knowing where to go and the white one takes off and goes very fair paying no attention to the rest of her flock.....Will she come back to her pen at night? Frustrating little peep heads!
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It usually takes my new flock additions a week to calm down & get used to their new place. Maybe you could put out treats for your white hen, move them closer & closer to the pen. Hopefully soon she will associate you with treats instead of baths!

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