Well. Todays the Day, Emu Egg # 8


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Aug 14, 2009
Texas - Best Place on Earth
So as you all know, my emu eggs come from a safari park where the emu was alreay incubating them.. I had no clue when they would hatch as the Start date was a mystery... well today, at 9:25 comming home from best buy, i went to feed my conure who's in the incubator and using it as a brooder, and I noticed my emu egg was broken... It has begun, # 8 started hatching, He weights 487g. So I guess the others are not too far from hatching... Right?

Hope you like the pics.. more to come as he comes out.



Dinosaurs... I LOVE Dinosaurs... I saw this special on TV wher they can retro engeinerre a Dinosaur using an Emu, they would turn on all the Genetic Codes that are supressed... they used chicken eggs.. I was very excited...

Thanks for your support... Dont know when he will be out, but hopfully he will come out before I go to bed or after I wake up... That way I can get pictures...
We actually discussed getting some but my DH thinks they are too large to be around our children (13, 11 & 8). So for now, chickens and Nigi goats. He hasent really noticed our Brahma Roo who stands almost to my waist!
Oh wow! So cool. My DH works for someone with emus and they gave us and egg. That's so cool to see pics of one hatching!
Our Rheas did'nt chip their shells around and rotate the top off - they simply smashed off big chips of shell and 'burst' out. Be interesting to watch/ hear how these do. Has the baby pipped at the narrow end of the egg or is it the angle of the picture? Good luck with them

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