Welsummer question


6 Years
Aug 26, 2013
My Welsummer has a dark triangle and dark, full all the way back eyeliner. Coloring is female. But it is getting a comb pretty quickly. How does this work? Thanks!
Baby down isn't all that reliable. If the chick has a reddening and growing comb before it's even feathered, it's a cockerel.
Yeah, I know about the sexing at hatching! It has all coloring for a pullet but is getting a comb already. They're about 5 weeks now. I'll look for a pic that shows it well.
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This is the best I have right now.

Its comb looks pink but doesn't in real life. It's definitely orange only.
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What color are the chest feathers coming in? If they are as smudgy with black as the blurry photo you posted suggests, that's another obvious male trait.

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