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Nov 2, 2009
I mistakenly posted to the wrong forum, so I will repost here. Sorry.

My welsummer is 5 months old but doesn't have any rooster feathers yet, so now I'm not sure if he's a roo. His legs are thicker than the hens, and his coloring is more red. As a chick, the V on top of his head was different from the others. He looks very intense in this photo, but he's very nice. Any ideas?!

It doesn't have any rooster feathers.................because it's a pullet. Only pullets get salmon chests.

This is my rooster, Moose, at 6 months old.
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Here's a side photo showing him with the rest of the flock. The hen behind him to the left is a roadie, and the hen to the right is a welsummer.
Wow! Your Moose is gorgeous. Absolutely striking! Thanks for letting me know. But now I'm *so* disappointed. Rats! Plus, I need to rename her. Promethius just won't work for a hen!
I agree it's a pullet but it really doesn't look like a Welsummer. Check out those white earlobes! The color is off, also. I'm not sure what she is, looks mixed to me.
I was thinking the same thing. But she is definitely a she at POL. Brown leghorn's have the white ear lobes. They look similar.

Now that I looked at the pic blown up its just light feathers not the ear lobes.
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