We're building our first coop tomorrow!

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    At a town meeting a month ago I was told that our small cottage was zoned agricultural and the we cold even have a cow if we wanted. Well, I'm not even going to go there but a dream of mine has been to have 3 or 4 chickens as pets and for their eggs.

    Last weekend I attended a local agricultural fair and met a may who raises Americanas (Easter eggers) and I fell in love with them. I also fell for the Plymouth Rock Barred I saw.

    My question is, can I mix the two types? Get two of one kind and two of another. Apart from wanting their eggs I really want them as pets. I want to be able to handle them and had feed them the worms that I raise as composting worms.

    We're going to be getting our birds in a couple of weeks and would it be alright to bring them home in a portable doggy kennel?

    My other questions are around what type of feeding and watering container I should buy. We are on the north shore of Lake Erie and while we don't get a lot of snow, we can have occasional cold snaps.

    Is there somewhere I can go to learn more about the winter care and storage of the birds?
    Thanks so much.
  2. bwebb7

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    Aug 16, 2008
    Brooksville, Fl
    Yes you can mix the two types.
    Yes they can come home in a doggy kennel try to provide them a rug or something so they can comfortably grip their toes-feet
    We like the hanging models because we keep deep litter method of shavings and if they are too low they fill with shavings -the waterer too a hanging model-they come in galvanized they should handle your weather.
    As far as birds????????????I'm from Fla-we don't weather proof our birds:lol:[​IMG]
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    Jul 6, 2008
    Florence Mt.
    My coop was insulated with fiberglass insulation and cavered with house wrap. to keep the hens from eating the insulaton. This last winter when it hit -10 degree I just pluged in a heat lamp for them and the coop stayed about 30 degree I also put a heat lamp on side of the 3 gal. metal waterer to keep it from freezing and give the ladies a little warm water to drink. the laid eggs all winter long. My coop is 4 ft wide by 6 ft long 8 feet tall. just right for 5 hens.
  4. credmond

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    Aug 31, 2008
    You can mix the breeds, we just got a few easter eggers and a couple plymouth barred rocks...
    as far as weather, i'm in MIchigan, and it can get cold, so I am going to insulate the inside, and use a heat lamp if neccessary....
    as far as feeder and waterer....i'm keeping it simple...just going to change water once a day to keep it clean.......
    enjoy your chickens
  5. 3 sisters farm

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    Aug 20, 2008
    puyallup wa
    I have 8 hens.....only two the same kind, I do have an amerecana and plymouth barbed rock...they get along fine.

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