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    Curious if there are any folks out there in WV not raising chickens as pets and not doing pet breeds? Would love to have someone in the state who is keeping chickens for food, and for their heritage, to talk with. I keep dual purpose breeds for eggs and meat and would love to talk to others in my state raising chickens as livestock and a food source.

    Surely there are some mountaineers out there who are still hillbillies and are serious about raising some food? [​IMG]
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  2. I came to SC from WV! There are plenty of chicken (as livestock) people there. I hope to be able to move back there some day. I came from Hardy county. Where are you located?
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    I am currently in Ritchie County but have lived the last several years in Pendleton and have left my heart up there in Pendleton, Grant and Hardy Counties. The most beautiful counties in the state, IMO. Love those big valleys and big mountains! [​IMG]
  4. I left WV in 2005. Were we practically neighbors? I have spent a lot of time in Pendleton county.
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    I didn't get up there until 2006, so we passed like ships. [​IMG] How do you stand being away from it??? I get to go back once a month to visit my father in the nursing home in Franklin, so I get a little taste of it, at least. It was hard to leave it behind.

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    This state is a barren wasteland for serious chicken folk. Lot's of pet chicken fanciers and then some old farmers that won't be found here, no breeders of heritage line breeds that I have found. I wish this state had more LF standard chicken breeders and flock owners to network with.
  7. I have withdrawals all the time. I miss the mountains so much. All of my family is in VA, MD, WV or PA. I have 10 grandchildren that I am not getting to watch grow up. I am working on moving back this summer I hope.

    There is a beautiful valley at the base of Wolf Gap where I would love to settle. The lay of the land will prevent business based civilization for at least 50 more years. Wildlife would be my biggest (chicken) problem by far. A livestock guard dog or two would fix that. I don't mind being an hour from civilization. I get more entertainment from my SO and my animals than anything.
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    I don't mind it either...the drive to civilization is so stunning that one gets the benefit of living so far out in two ways. I saw three of the biggest bucks I've ever seen in my life over there in Hardy County one night and also one of the biggest black bears. [​IMG] Those bucks had to be out of the same genetics because their antlers matched almost exactly and they were all three trophy bucks in body size and rack size. I don't remember the highway number but it's the one that runs between Moorefield and Ft. Seybert, that has all those big corn fields and long straight stretches (LOVE driving that road!!!!), and that's where I got to see all these massive animals...I presume they eat good off those corn fields.

    I used to go to church up at Oldfields Baptist for a little while before I moved. Stunning county, that Hardy County.

    I was a nurse for Mountain Hospice out of Pendleton County so I got to run the roads quite a bit in Pendleton and Grant and at times in Hardy.
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    Anyone at all out there in WV? I think I just heard an echo.... [​IMG] C'mon! I know you hillbillies have computers! [​IMG]

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    Jan 14, 2010
    Lewisburg, wv
    I am in WV. I am from the MS coast, but we moved here for a job. I am in SW WV in Lewisburg.
    We bought our place last fall (decided to stay for now) and I ordered my chicks day before yesterday
    from Meyer hatchery. It's a mixed flock though and I will not be eating them. . . they are just for
    eggs. I love having them around and they really help keep bug populations down (which is great
    considering my neighbor has a lot of cattle crammed into a muddy, nasty pasture).

    So while I am not a 'serious' chicken person. . I do love them, I am here in WV. *waves*

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