Western Maryland, issues with Weasels?

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Apr 16, 2013
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My Coop
Hello all.
Just getting started, in fact, we don't even have our birds at home yet. But soon. They were raised by a friend with the time and space to brood them.

However, we live in far Western MD and I am building and designing my coop. We live in Weasel Country, and I have realized this more and more and I have redesigned some options (short hand for, wrapping the whole thing in hardware cloth!). So, I was wondering what the experience is for folks in Allegany and Garrett County? Much weasel activity?

We are birders, naturalist, and organic gardeners. So, we would rather be proactive about living in the weasels back yard, then the other way around.

Thanks all.
Sorry that I don't have an answer for you, but I wish someone did because we have the same problem here in Kentucky!!
1/2" HC attached with screws and washers over all coop openings larger than 1" should totally deter weasels.

Might try asking on one of these threads for your specific area.
Make so birds can roost in elevated location to protect them at night. If you have a dog or even domestic cats, then you have a way to go on the attack against the weasel and mink clan.
The only thing that will help against weasels it so make sure there are no holes anywhere! I am actually a little worried that a one inch square hole might be big enough for a weasel to get in. But up here we have the weasels in all sizes. I think the smallest ones are called Stoats, but it doesn't matter what they are called, if they can squish their bodies into your coop they will kill every single chicken in there and leave a very nasty bloody mess.

They really do squish their bodies super small.

Be careful around all of your door openings.

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