Western Washington (state)!


Apr 8, 2017
Chehalis, WA with my chickens
Calling all Western Washington chicken lovers! I live about an hour from Seattle! I thought people would be able to better know my location if I said Seattle in my profile. Where do y'all live? If you don't feel comfortable giving the town name just say about x miles from Seattle.
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I’m in Seattle proper :)

If anyone knows where to go for small batch poultry processing within an hour of Seattle - or any small local farms/homesteads that may provide this as a service upon request, please let me know! I have 6-8 roos I’d like to dispatch soon, and haven’t been able to locate anyone who does this. I don’t have the skill, space, or equipment to do it myself unfortunately.

I found someone on Craigslist - but he has been incredibly flaky and price per bird is pretty ridiculous.

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