What animal is this


Gone for a bit
11 Years
May 6, 2008
what kind of animal would break into my coop and take the head off of my rooster? We have had lots of skunks lately
but i thought that skunks went for the body
I shot a skunk a few nights ago trying to get into my silkie pen
and got sprayed at point blank range
the gas that it sprayed was blinding
i did not smell a skunk last night so i dont think that is what it was
skunks are known to do that, but other predators will too. there is no real cut and dry protocol for predators to follow, really. but i believe skunks and hawks and weasel type animals tend to favor the head. but thats not to say another predator would NOT eat the head first. for example, i usually go for the breast first, then the legs, and then the wing. but i know people who prefer the wing first. sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you dont kind of thing. was the rooster found near the edge of the pen where the head could have been grabbed from the outside?
bert he was in the pen caged from top to sides
if i have to stay up all night and kill skunks then so be it
dang i hope that i never get sprayed again
but it was surely worth it
Raccoon? They love to take off heads
my ten year olf found it, i cant go and look or it will make me sick
but the groundskeeper said that what ever did it was a strong
the door was shoved in. the door is made of strong wood and has chicken wire and then steal cage that goes around the chicken wire
and the weimerienrs next door are missing
S.S.and S
I am not happy, in fact I am really not happy
The General/my rooster was my very first hatch and survived a bad dog attack a couple of months ago
This isnt good
cause I am not happy
he better find his dogs before i do

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