What are some very nice not flighty friendly birds?

I have Easter Eggers. Very docile birds! I have never been pecked and while mine haven't started laying yet they are suppost to be very good layers. Green/blue eggs don't hurt things either.
I don't know that anyone can tell you which breed is really best, but we all have our own opinions on that.

My favorite breed so far is Buff Orpington. They're sweet and gentle and friendly, and they're very pretty to look at.
Here's an excellent chart to help you decide:


One of the big hatchery websites, I forget which, also has a breed selector tool -- you tell it what attributes you want, they suggest breeds.

You'll hear a lot of different opinions on this. A lot depends on the individuals you happen to get, of any breed.
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Bantams? Large fowl? Dual purpose, eat birds, egg layers, ornamental... what are the other important characteristics? Are you in an area with very cold winters? There are many other factors to take into consideration.

I have silkies, they are very ornamental bantams that are great broody hens but do not have a fantastic rate of lay. I raise them for exhibition because I like their looks, personalities, and showing is fun.

I also have silver laced wyandottes because I like the color, they are decent egg layers and dual purpose fowl, and can be good exhibition birds. They are docile and have small combs that are less susceptible to frost bite.
I see you are in Grand Rapids. Think about some large fowl brahmas. Great winter hardy birds that also lay well in the wintertime. Calm, gentle giants.
Not sure what you mean by "not flighty"? Do you mean ones that don't really fly, or flighty as in nervous? If you want birds not known for flying, you may want to check out Silkies, or maybe Bantam Cochins.

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