what are some Young roo behaviors?

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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Ok.. I have been so on the fence with these birds. Aside from physical characteristics what are some young roo behaviors? My SLW was very pink early on and I KNOW they are hard to sex at an early age but today I went out and was just watching them and she was acting strange. She is now 6.5 weeks old. Her wattles are getting more redish and I "thought" she tried to crow. really it just sounded like a squak or a lounder than usual noise and only once. Then she was challenging all the other gals out there and flogged one of the littler ones. Neck feathers ruffled up a few times, charging my brahma which is the only other bird the same size as her.. I don't see any saddle feathers but some of her hiney feathers are a little irridescent but I read on here before that that doesnt mean anything. has anyone ever had a hen act like this??? or are these all definate roo behaviors? Oh and the last time I posted them people thought pullet but previous to that it was all roo answers. [​IMG]

    Best shot from the other day- the SLW
    and this one the dark one in the middle
    and from almost 1 week ago
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    I've had pullets do all of those things! [​IMG]

    I have four GLW who are a couple of weeks older than your SLW, and the roos had bigger combs/wattles at that age. But honestly I can't tell. [​IMG]
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    Jan 1, 2011
    One of my pullets acted that way...........she lays less eggs than the others.............
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    My all girl flock does that on and off. Everybody has to figure out their place in the flock, and you don't know if you're dominant to someone else until you challenge them. That said, that's a lot of pink for that young age, but I've read many here have the same with the wyandottes. Wait and see...........[​IMG]
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