What are your chickens top 5 treats?


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Jun 8, 2013
Seattle Wa
My chickens go crazy over these:

1. Rice
2. Bread
3. Zucchini- I throw it in there whole and they go nuts! Great use for all those extra zucchinis I grew this year!
4. dried meal worms
5. broken up hard boiled eggs!

What do your chickens love?
This is what mine love:

#1: Moistened layer feed--not sure why they love such a simple thing, but they do!
#2: Hard-boiled eggs (and scrambled eggs)--they go crazy over them!
#3: Dried mealworms (particularly my bantams)
#4: Bread, of any type
#5: Tomatoes--they're always stealing nice ripe ones off the bushes *sigh*
for some reason my girls aren't interested in tomatoes..... I have given them a few straight from the garden no luck!
My girls favorite treats:

Breads any kind
meals worms
a seeds,nuts with dried fruit mixture
any melon
spinach fresh

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