What breed are my chickens?? please help!!


Jun 6, 2017
Hello, i'm a new member to backyard chickens.
I own four chickens, two of which are cream legbars and the other two i am not sure what breed they are, and i'd really like to know.
The person we bought the two chickens from had got them from Cyprus.
i have uploaded a picture of them, when we first got them but they much older now and have started laying. But they have become very very broody and all they do is sit in the egg box or coop all day, and won't come out to eat or drink unless we move them, their broodiness have also caused them to stop laying. We have tried everything to shake them away from the broodiness and yet nothing is working.
Although this is a concern we would desperately like to know what breed they are and any other methods there may be to shake them out of their broodiness.
Thank you!!


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Can you upload current photos of them?
Chickens change quite a bit from juvenile feathers to adult feathers.
It would help to see them in their full adult feathers.
Full profile and a head shot that show the come.
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