What breed is she?


7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
Hello I purchased this hen from TSC but it did not say anything on the tag but it said staight run.Anyone know what that means?


She looks like what they sell as Production Reds, which are usually a mix of red colored brown egg layers.
The TSC around here will have both PRs and RIRs, I think that they sometimes are a mix of whatever actual red breeds the hatchery sells, and/or general red colored brown egg layer mixes. My one neighbor has gotten them before and they look like anything from RIR, NHR , and various sex links. I wonder if it is not TSC or hatchery trying to make things easier on themselves so they don't have to keep the various breeds separate, they just have red and black layers.... considering they don't do that well with keeping the leghorns and the cornish straight, it might be a good idea.
I just got 15 production reds but she does not look like them.She has no red in her,She is blond.Also she lays a very light blond egg every day!Thank you guys for your help!
Is the bird buff colored in real life, like a buff orpington? On my computer the the pictures are showing up as a medium red colored bird with black in her tail.

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