What breed is this chick? Are there golden laced Ameraucanas?


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Apr 15, 2014
I got six supposedly ameraucana chicks from TSC about three weeks ago. Some of them are definitely ameraucanas, but some are questionable. I might be just overreacting, but I've never had ameraucanas before. Anyway, One, in particular, has a longer tail than the others, no muffs on its cheeks and looks as though it is golden laced. Does it still count as golden laced if the head is one plain color? Are there such things as golden laced ameraucanas?
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this is the questionable chick above.
and this is the definite Ameraucana.
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Sorry, you have Easter Eggers, not Ameraucanas. No hatchery sells purebred Ameraucanas, you can only get them from breeders.

They are pretty though
The bird you're questioning is a common Easter egger color. The color isn't actually laced, it's a juvenile stage of plumage.

Clean faced Easter eggers aren't unheard of.

Good news is, with that coloring, it's definitly a hen!
Cool! I was baffled, only because of my lack of knowledge.

In TSC the chickens were labeled "Ameraucanas" so I figured that they were all going to be the same.

What will they look like when they're older? Or is it always different?
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There are some threads around here somewhere where folks posted pics as chicks, then as adults for Easter eggers.....There's a few more common colors that are pretty predictable.

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