What breed of chickens do you have???

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  1. cluckcluckluke

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    I want to know what breeds of chickens you have. Roosters, Cockerels, Chicks, pullets and hens all included.
    Pictures would be great.

    Here are some of mine-
    This is my latest edition to the flock (no name yet) she/he maybe a WLH bantam.
    Here is my WLH bantam (no name yet) my Standard WLH called "Toes" and my RIR bantam.
    These little trouble makers are my Wyndottes having a little nap: they are called Spicks and Specks (dont know whose who any more)
    This is coconut my WLH chick.
    This is "RED" my 11month old RIR rooster.
    This is Fondue my Black Sex-Link: not camera shy at all.
    This is one if my Australian Langshans: Rosie.
  2. I have red Sussex crosses
    And this is what they look like

    I only have one breed anyway
  3. cluckcluckluke

    cluckcluckluke Overrun With Chickens

    There pretty, are they good layers???
  4. Yea but the one with its face close up to the camera that one haven't started laying yet but thr other two have I usually get two eggs a day
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    Last year I bought chicks of just two breeds - Australorp and Light Brahmas. This year I ordered more of a variety. I now have 9 chickens and each is a different breed except for Nesco who is a cross hatched this May from my Lt. Brahma and Monte, an Australorp rooster.

    I now have one of each: Egglet - my Easter egger hen, Ranger - a cuckoo moran that looks more like a barred rock roo, Poachy - my cochin hen, Brownie - the black sex link hen, Chipper - a buckeye hen. They're all new this spring along with Brook - my last Lt. Brahma and Hilda - the only Australorp left. And my young roo, Nesco of course.

    A victim of chicken math, I quickly accumulated too many birds for my coop. Then I accidently met with someone who wanted adult hens the same day my DH 'suggested' I get rid of some of the chickens. I now wish I hadn't sold quite as many although at the time it seemed a good idea. My grandson, however, was thrilled that I now have room for more chickens next spring.

    edited to add: Yup, counting them only adds up to 8 birds. Bloody Mary - a 4-yo resucued white leghorn just passed away and I keep forgetting she can't be counted anymore.

    Love, Smart Red
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  6. cluckcluckluke

    cluckcluckluke Overrun With Chickens

    I love variety in a flock, one- it looks great and two- if you get any kind of disease you should always have some stronger birds than others that make it through.
    I like your variety i can imagine many colors, pictures would be great if you have any.
    Chicken math works very fast in my home, started with 10 hens now have 22 hens some chicks a rooster and am now getting ducks.

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