What breed of chicks I will end up with? White Araucana rooster and Barred Rock, red star and RIR he


7 Years
Aug 26, 2012
I got today my first rooster EVER. He is a 5 months old beautiful white araucana.
My hens are one 7 months old RIR, and 13 weeks old Barred rock and red star.
The 2 pullets I assume are hens as so I was told at the feed store but the lady that gave me the rooster bought him as a hen from the same store.
Anyway, I am very curious what kind of chicks will the mating produce and will greatly appreciate any thoughts and advice. No need to say these are also my first chickens EVER :)

Thanks in advance to everybody for taking the time
If you mate that mixed group? You'll get chickens!

Mutts, but chickens. Don't tell the chickens, though. They'll never know.

Thanks. Mutts will be ok if they lay well :)
We got the rooster but now I am getting worried as I heard they can get mean to little kids....

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