What breed or breeds are my chicken?

Mindy Ireson

In the Brooder
Oct 13, 2017
This spring my hens finally hatched some baby chicks, I have only been trying for oh about 15 years! Anyway, I have a couple I can't figure out what kind they are. The black and white speckled pullet has longer feathers around her head and brown tips and brown strecks all over her body. The white roosters, they both have a brown area on each of their big side feathers, (can't think of the name of those feathers?). The hens that laid these eggs are golden buffingtons, Easter Eggers, Rhode Island Reds, and black americanas and my rooster is a Dominque. Any help identifying their breeds wouldView attachment 1603479
be greatly appreciated!!!
Your rooster is not a Dominique because all the cockerels have single combs. You probably have a Barred Plymouth Rock.
I don't have a picture of my rooster on here. These are of the ones that hatched this spring. I was meaning the rooster that produced these flocks is a Dominque. Sorry I was not clear. I am not a chicken pro!!

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