What breeds should I get?


Sep 1, 2019
Northern California
So, after receiving lots of help from people about what to do with my (way too) broody hen, I have decided to get some day old chicks to stick under her. :wee

Now comes the hard part... deciding what chicks to get!
I have 8 open spots in my coop, and will be getting a single rooster, because I miss my old one so much.
Here are the breeds I’m considering, all from a specialist poultry breeder:

• Cream Legbar
• Golden Cuckoo Maran
• Jubilee aNd Tolbunt Polish Cross
• Blue Splash Orpington

Should I get two of each breed? I’m thinking of having the cockerel be a Golden Cuckoo Maran....

The picture is what the Jubilee cross look like :)


Flying by the seat of my pants!
May 22, 2019
A cypress swamp in FL
Sounds like fun! Without know much about the breeds or your intent I'm just going by what is pretty! :D
The Jubilee cross is beautiful, and the Blue Splash Orps would be my other pick.

I have a young Cuckoo Maran cockerel, around 5-6 weeks old. He's a bit of a knuckle head already. I don't really know much about Marans in general, and this guy might just be a rude rooster, who knows.

Going just by looks though, the GC Maran is one handsome bird.

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