What can I learn from this outcome??? Pics - One ODD CHICK!


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Ok.. here are the parents:
Rooster - Rose Comb GLW:

Moms - Straight Comb Buff Orpingtons

and now the chicks... all with straight comb....

Needless to say the dark chick is a suprise...
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It will be interesting to hear what others say about this.

It would appear the male would be heterozygous rose comb/not rose comb.

The yellow chicks are wheaten downed. Not sure what's happening with the dark chick. It does not appear to be coloured like a brown chick with columbian restrictors.
Wheaten seems to be odd in the way it behaves. In the presence of melanisers it is supposed to be recessive to most e-alleles; otherwise it is supposed to be dominant to all but extended black &, I think, birchen. The wyandotte will have been brown & the BO, wheaten. I don't understand the dark chick but otherwise, the wheaten appears to have been dominant to brown.
Have you hatched any from the GL females with the BO male? If so what do they look like?
Single combs are recessive. The fact that you got single combs out of your GLW roo means he carries only one rose comb gene and one single comb gene. Single combs I believe are a DQ if you were showing them... You don't by any chance have any black orpingtons though, do you??? I would kill for some eggs from your GLW roo over black orps for a project i want to work on... pleasepleaseplease say yes! Slim to none chance of that, I know...

I don't know about the dark chick. I would think that would be from the father. I would be more surprised that ALL of the chicks got single combs. Only half should have, statistically, but that is a small number, so anything could happen. Are you POSITIVE that is the only roo that could have gotten together with your buff hens?

Edit to add: on the second group, I'm surprised that the buffs in the second group did not get all yellow legs, which I believe is recessive and your GLW hens should be homozygous for. (or "for which your GLW hens should be homozygous" in case the grammar police are on duty right now)
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Your GLW's dont look too bad as far as quality goes. The chick looks like the F1's we got from a SLW x solid dun, same color and all.

You know I think I remember reading somewhere that they used GLW's and buff orps to make gold laced orps, something about the combo of genes made for a clearer buff and something with the tail and wings too. I will have to dig around and try to find it again.
I have what I was told is a Black Old English Bantham. It looks exactly like your little dark chick. Brown face and all. It is a couple weeks old and still fits in my hand. I can close my fingers around it. Very small. But they could be twins. SAme number of toes, color of legs, same everything from what I can see. Is yours very small also. If not, wow, thats just strange for them to look so much alike. I got mine from some test eggs It was the only one that hatched out of a dozen.
Dawn I dunno what it is but if you don't want the brown one my name is all over it... I so do love the very odd...


Dawn I'd PM tadkerson and see if you can get him to weigh in...
There was no other possible combination to make this... odd I know.

Black over Gold Lace was something I was going to do... but I did Blue Orp over Gold Lace a few months ago and got this chick. I may do it in the future if so will advise as such on my website.

Here is a Blue Orp with a GLW Hatchery Hen...

he is very similar to my strange little chick in this batch too....

I'm not suprised about the straight combs because this rooster although the oldest guy I have... was very slow to mature
Hahaha... I appreciate that, but I need every last one from this hatch! Out of 2 dozen eggs I only got the 3 chicks. I may need to put the parents back together at some point, I'm not sure. If for no other reason than to see if this happens again! But they REALLY didn't like eachother much... so I should only do it if I MUST!

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