What chores do you hate doing?


Aug 15, 2015
Here, you can say a chore you hate doing, and why(optional).
I will start:
Cleaning the nesting boxes. Why? Because my EEs have recently shown interest in the boxes. By that, I mean they have started pooping in them. It gets my Rhode island red's eggs dirty. Plus, my rir just has to lay an egg in the box I am cleaning.
Gotta be cleaning out the coop every morning - the smell created when sweeping all that poo makes me gip!

Totally understand. No matter how often I clean my coop, I found a mouse today. Removing the mouse from the mouse trap is something I really hate doing. It is disgusting!
And the whole unpleasant business is beyond human tolerance with a hangover
Yeah, put me down for as a vote for cleaning up the poop in the morning when someone has deposited a caecal poop.

I do not mind on a non caecal morning because I really do enjoy tending to the gals every need but those caecal’s can knock you flat on your back at 5am and linger for whole day!
Well, it isn't really a chore, but I don't like setting my alarm, mainly because I am tired and I want to sleep. :idunno
Well, it isn't really a chore, but I don't like setting my alarm, mainly because I am tired and I want to sleep.

Alarm?? Of what do you speak??

If my gals do not have me out of bed before 5am, then the neighbourhood Crows do and even if both of those are not on the job, my beautiful little cat comes and pats me on the nose 'Wake up Mum'. Just once I would like to wake up of my own accord, rather than be woken up.

As my signature says ... there is No snooze button on a chicken who wants breakfast
Apparently, cleaning of any type. Just look around my house. I wish I could tell folks I'm doing the deep litter method in my living room

Years ago, I thought my house was messy because I had littles and worked full time. Well, the littles are taller than I am and I'm now home full time. My house isn't as messy as it was then, but that's only because the former littles now have chores to do and they clean.

But the most disliked chore in the household is dishes, hands down. And yes, we have a dishwasher. It's still the week the boys hate in the rotation, and the one I have to nag to most about.

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