What color brahma?


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Apr 28, 2012
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Are any of you familiar with Brahmas chicks?

According to the labeled eggs, I should have 2 dark and 2 light chicks. I had buff Brahmas eggs but they did not hatch. I ended up saving the last one to hatch from shrink wrap (4th chick and labeled dark by seller).

But he doesn't look like the other dark and is definitely to much color to be a light. The lights only have a grey/blue tint to their saddle area. Did I get a buff after all? Maybe miss marked by the seller?

Do you have a shot of their cute little faces? The Buff is going to have a more solid yellow-y face where the Dark will have a more mottled greyish tan-y face.

Love Brahmas
If you said that you got a mixed lot of Brahma eggs, and I had to guess which is which by the photos, I would put the chipmunk one with the mottle face (4th hatched shrink-wrapped) as a Dark Brahma and the one with the yellowish face (2nd hatched) as a Buff Brahma.

There is always variability in chick colors, but I think you may have lucked out!

Be sure to keep us posted as they grow.
Thank you.

I was originally wanting all 3 colors. I had thought I had only gotten two (light and dark) from this batch.

As they get older, I will post more pics.

Again thanks.
My Light Brahmas were just yellow as babies but i saw others Light Brahmas from the same hatchery in a pet store that were light greyish and yellow on heads and a little yellow on the body from the same hatchery as mine. Did you mean the LIGHT Brahmas or just light colored chicks ?.
I dont know what BUFF Brahama chicks look like.
Go to Cackle HAtchery they have photos of their babies
.Not sure how many kinds Brahmas they have but they do have the LIGHT and do show colors i mentioned above ...both yellow and grey and yellow.

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