What color will I get?


11 Years
Oct 15, 2010
Can someone tell me what colors I might get if I breed a lilac female muscovy to a brown pied drake, or a lilac female to a black drake. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Post a picture of her if you can, is she Lilac(aka Blue Fawn) or a different color? Not sure about breeding her to the black drake BUT I would breed her to the chocolate boy.

Lilac/Blue Fawn x Chocolate will give you some of both colors. My Blue Fawn hen bred to my Chocolate drake and hatched mostly 10 Blue Fawns & 2 Chocolates. 3 of the Blue Fawns were much lighter though and those are the ones I refer to as Lilacs.
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I found this, maybe it will be of some help to you.
This is my a couple of the hens I kept this year from the clutch i mentioned above. A Blue fawn hen & what I would refer to as a Lilac hen, you can see she is a MUCH lighter version of the Blue Fawn. Their mother is a Blue Fawn & father was a Chocolate.




And a Blue Fawn next to some of the Chocolate Sisters.
My understanding is that lilac is two doses of blue ie silver + choc dilution (N/N, ch/ch or ch/-). Blue fawn is one dose of blue ie blue + choc dilution (N/n+, ch/ch or ch/-).

Lilac female to choc drake:-
If she is lilac ie N/N, ch/-, & he is choc (brown) ie n+/n+, ch/ch, then all ducklings should be blue fawn = N/n+, ch/ch (females = N/n+, ch/-)

Lilac female to black drake:-
Lilac (N/N, ch/-) female to black (A+/A+ or a/a, n+/n+, Ch+/Ch+) drake = 100% blue progeny because she will pass one dose of auto blue dilution (N/n+) to all progeny, hence blue, but, she will only pass the sex-linked recessive choc to male progeny who won't express the trait.

Patterning may occur in some progeny eg pied patterned?
So if I breed her to a brown pied, what do you think I'll get? Also what if I breed her to black drake, what will I get? Thanks for any help.
I also agree that lilacs and blue fawns are different. I get lilacs all the time, and only recently got my first ever blue fawn.

Blue fawn (on left) :




As for what you'll get when you breed, it depends on what they carry as well. If they both carry the gene for barred, you might get some barreds despite neither of them BEING barreds.
In all, it's hard to answer that question without knowing what the parents carry.

But, if you breed lilac-black, you will likely get blacks and blues - maybe chocolates or blue fawns depending on what the black drake carries recessively.

If you breed blue fawn-chocolate, you will get chocolates and blue fawns.
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