What color would you call this satin?

Matilda Belle

May 16, 2018
SE Minnesota
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The breeder isn't sure which hen she hatched from, but the rooster is a partridge. She thinks the hen may be a silver lace or golden lace satin. She also has cuckoos, so that could be a possibility too.


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I haven't seen that pattern called anything in pure breeds that I can think of... I would call it barnyard mix, cuckoo cross or whatever cutesie name you can come up with. :pop

Do you think it is part cuckoo? It seems more barred than penciled to me, and that's what I would guess. But I'm no expert obviously. I love this pattern.
Looks like juvenile feathering for the partridge pattern. While it may not be pure for partridge per say, it is close to the partridge phenotype.
I don’t see any barring on her.

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