What color would you get if......

because Buff is dominant

Buff is not a single gene, the colours is produced by a number of genes in combination.
Have a look at chickencolours.com the book Genetics of Chicken Colours - The Basics explains all,
The crossing over calculator is a bit overkill for this cross...

Buff in the calculator is with dun-factor (hence the fawn). Most of the time it is not present. Put the I-locus to i+/i+ after you selected buff.
I assume the color genetics are the same for all chickens?

I am wanting to raise some Partridge Silkies......I have none, what do I need? Does it take two Partridge birds to make this color or can I just get one hen or roo and still raise some?????

I have Buff, Blue, Splash, Black and White right now.

Also is White really best just used on other Whites?

I am just not able to understand the color calculator, [over my head]

I don't have enough different pens for each color......but if I HAVE to...I will get them.

Thanks for any and all help.
Oh, thanks so much for the reply, I will continue to try and figure that chart out, it just seemed to be too involved for me.
Maybe reading what suggested will help, I hope so.

You made up my mind for me, I NEED to get a pair of Partridge [or trio if I can afford it]

The White roo has to go....he is not up to par anyway, nice sort of bird but not as good as I want.

Thanks a gain, I really appreciate it.

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