What colour is this?


11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
Moncton New Brunswick
Does anyone know what colour my Araucana rooster would be??


Thanks guys!!

His upper bode is organy- rusty- red ... if that's a colour???
How red does it have to be, to be considered red.
What is the definition of wheaten colour?

thanks N:)
http://www.bantychicken.com/cgi-bin...e&album=33&id=52&albumname=Black Breasted Red BBred OEGB

Wheaten OEGB: http://www.bantychicken.com/cgi-bin/OEGBCA/mods/usergallery/index.cgi?action=showpicture&album=4&id=25&albumname=Wheaten

thing to remember- Wheaten orange-lightish red. BBreds can get lightish red but there are still differences, and i believe they should be a dark deep "wine" red without the lemon hackle (yellowish tint at the bottom of the hackle) but have seen people do fine with both.
We've been calling them blue reds here. I guess they do fit blue wheaton pretty well. Very pretty!
HI All
Thanks so much for the information!!!
Well from the descriptions you have all given, I think he is more wheaten than red.
I love the pumpkin description- LOL:lol:

call ducks- I got him in Hampton NB. Yes he is pure Araucana. I have two roos and 5 hens. I tried breeding them this year and managed 2 chicks.... sigh... I will try again in the spring.
I know there is a lady on the Island that has some on occasion.
I'll send you a PM with contact info.


You guys are great!

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