What could/would take a full grown peacock?


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina
A friend has peacocks, a male and female. The female is penned up sitting on eggs but the male has been freeranging during the day and penned at night. He can fly, not clipped or pinioned. This has been the situation at his house for several years and all has been well. Yesterday there were feathers all around that looked like they were pulled out. He is molting and his long train tail was already gone. He is a big, healthy, strong bird but is now missing.
What could have done this? In NC, in the mountains so there is every creature here. But this occured during the day.
I heard that Great Horned Owls can take an adult pea while they are roosting. Coyotes & big dogs could possibly get one if it is on the ground & caught by surprised because they would normally be able to fly away.

Sorry for your friends loss. Hope the eggs will hatch. Good thing she is penned. Free ranging hens that are brooding are sittin ducks.
Fox are another good bet... they can kill adult guineas no problem, and they can fly also, they just sit and wait in the tall grass or woodline and come out and attack... typically fox will haul them away and eat, so look around for a feather pile... or they can haul them farther away where some are never found.
HE CAME HOME!!!!! He is now penned with his girl. He appears to have been "grabbed" by something. He has large patches of feathers missing but no injuries on his skin. He obviously was able to get away and then went into hiding. Thanks for responses, whatever it was may come back but he is penned up safely now.

Galahad in all his glory!
Gorgeous! I'm glad he came home safely.

If I lived on acreage instead in the burbs I'd have them in a heartbeat. They are just too loud and too mobile for a 1/4 acre suburban lot.

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