WHat do I do about lice?

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    Aug 6, 2008
    I think our chicks have lice. What's safe to use? We try to be as organic and natural as possible. We have three small children that have taken quite a liking to the chicks as well and I want to use something that will be as safe for them to be around as well.
  2. The best organic thing to use is Food Grade DE. You dust the chickens, and their bedding with it. The DE dehydrates the lice and kills them.
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    if you want to be as organic as possible:
    to get rid of the initial infestation..
    one way to get rid of lice is by bathing the chickens..
    you can use a flea shampoo for cats, diluted..
    I've also heard that human lice shampoos/treatments can be used.

    the coop must also be treated..
    is you have a pen, liming the ground with hydrated lime can help..rake it into the soil very well, leaving no pieces for them to peck at.
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