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We added a new bird to our small flock a couple of months ago. It is a Barred Rock Cross of some kind I think. I thought that it might be a baby roo (we were hoping for a pullet). The chook is about the age to start laying, but I really didn't think it was a pullet. Yesterday my hubby gathered eggs and came in with the tiniest little egg I have ever seen..a whopping .5 ounce!!
Does this look like a pullets first try to you all??

We did have another small one when our youngsters begin to lay early this year and the ONLY baby in the bunch is the new kid in the chicken yard. Do grown hens sometimes lay tiny eggs too?


I think it could be either but I'll bet it has no yolk. Post a pic of the young bird if you can so that the experts can take a look. How old is the bird?
First of all, I misspoke. I do believe this bird is a Doninique Cross of some sort. Here he (or she) is. No crowing as yet, but I swear I've caught "it" chasing after the hens. Hmm, Age I'm guessing but I think probably about 14-16 weeks of age. Here is the bird in question:

What say you experts, I think it's a young roo.
I bet it has no yolk and is a fairy egg. We got our first one yesterday. I like to call them fairy eggs, but some people also call them wind or fart eggs. Can you guess what name my 9-year old son prefers? It will be the talk of the 4th grade class today I'm sure.
That one's not laying any eggs

I have so many roos that don't crow-more that don't than do even though they are all fully mature...they know who the King is out there and don't bother to challenge that.

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