What do you call Campine feather pattern?

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  1. I ask because I've been breeding them for several years and the other day someone bought a couple of pullets and asked me just that question.
    I said, "They're Campines --- that's their pattern, and these are silver Campines".

    I was at a bit of a loss, because I felt like there should be more info I could have offered.
    Some of the feathers are 'barred', but not all and not all over the body.

    Is this pattern distinctly "Campine"?

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    Lisa, I think it's called "transversely barred". I don't think they are the only ones who have it, but can't think of any others off the top of my head.
  3. Thanks, "transversely barred" is a new term to me.

    I googled that term and got lots of hits (on the surface, all chicken references are back to Campines).
    There are a lot of birds out there "transversely barred" that aren't chicken.

    Thanks again [​IMG]

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