what do you think of my BLRW roo?


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
He's 6 months old now and soooo sweet with his ladies...

Walks around all puffed up, a real macho macho man

I know he's hatchery quality (leg color, for starters) but I just find him spectacular - can't wait to see him in a few more months as he's still maturing!

I actually think he is pretty nice looking. Don't quote me but his hackles and saddle might be a shade to orange/brassy. Ideally I think they should be a bit darker. He is also pretty heart-shaped which is what you are looking for. Of course he isn't as pronounced as a show quality Wyandotte.
Bingo. I think the hatchery was a little desperate for $$ and just used their gold laced birds a bit much. He's gold laced, his leg color of course is wrong, and his leg length seems a bit much. His lacing seems nice in the front, but his thighs aren't laced at all.

His main issue is the fact that he's gold, not red, and his leg color is wrong.
Very pretty for a hatchery version...way off what is wanted for the color like all the hatchery one's seem to be BUT unless your selling his hatching eggs..I mean from his ladies or chicks as show quality high breeding material not a problem If you have him because you love him and he's just got his flock for your enjoyment then he's perfect

I only have BLRW from the top breeders and they have the best attitude not sure how the hatchery one's are but if they are anything like mine you have no choice but be hooked on him.

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