What does DH stand for ?


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Apr 24, 2011
I see people refering to their significant other of the male variety as DH .
What does this stand for ? im thinking deadbeat husband ?
enquiring minds want to know .
I always thought dear hubby..I would never call my husband a deadbeat..if he is one..what's the point of keeping him?
This is funny. I always read it as Dang Husband. I probably always will, since that's the first thing that comes to mind. Now I know people like their husbands more than I thought around here. LOL
I always refer to my dh as my "devoted husband". Any man who puts up with me and 5 daughters is devoted:)
Thank you for asking!! Being new to BYC I wondered about it too.
I came to the conclusion it must stand for Dear Husband, but other words came to mind: dumb husband, darn husband because it didn't seem realistic that all the female members of BYC had such terrific husbands? But maybe it takes a special type of guy to raise chickens

Perhaps BYC should have a lingo section for newbies that would help us catch on quicker to some of the terms used. I had to look up "pullet" because I didn't know what that was (a chicken less than one year old). I still have so much to learn

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