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Mar 14, 2011
I have 7 turkeys, 2 Toms - 1 BR and 1 MW, 5 hens - 3 BR and 2 MW. Over the holidays, I culled 3 excess toms. Yesterday I noticed a small (and I mean tiny - think pencil eraser size) beard on one of my BR hens. Her neck is feathered like the other hens. She peeps, beeps, and calls like the other girls and has never gobbled or strutted. Her size is comparible to the other hens - nothing like the boys. I didn't notice this until I had culled the other Toms, is that just a coincidence? Does she just have hormonal issues? Will she be infertile?
Any guidence would be appreciated.
I wouldn't worry about it. My books say female turkeys sometimes have beards. One of my Midget White hens definitely has one (about half the size of our tom of the same age), and she's "all hen". The jennys (from another hatchery) have no signs of a beard, even when I parted the feathers on their chests to check.
I believe it's something like 10% of the wild hens have beards. I had one with a beard once, she sat on some eggs and hatched them, she was a terric mother. Some hens will have a beard, don't worry about it.
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