What is the earliest I can purchase pullets

Looking to purchase pullets for next year. Any tips on where you can find them in the Everett WA area and when.
Do you want day-old chicks or started pullets?
If you want day-old chicks, look up hatcheries in the WA area. They'll ship them to your post office for you to pick up.
You can make this happen on your own. Select a feed store of your choice. This scheme works only with non-corporate owned stores. Approach the manager or owner, and ask if they would consider ordering chicks in late winter or early spring, whatever date you wish. Assure them you will buy a specified number of chicks.

I did this a couple years ago when I wanted a certain breed and I didn't want to order direct from the hatchery which demands a minimum of twenty chicks. The store owner was happy to place the order, and he knew he had customers for the remaining chicks.

I tried this scheme with another feed store last year, a more local one, but they got side tracked into looking into incubating eggs and hatching chicks themselves, which is another approach to this endeavor.

Get creative. Be persuasive. Show the store how this will benefit them. It works more often than you would think. I have done this with a total of five different feed stores over the thirteen years of keeping chickens. This way, I get the breed and number of chicks I want when I want them, delivered right to the store.
I haven't bought from here, but Baxter Barn in Fall City offers chicks through adults.

There was a feed store I used to frequent that offered started pullets from time to time but they're no longer in business.
I’ve purchased day old chicks from Baxter barn. Lovely Easter eggers, olive eggers and black copper marans. No issues. They sell started pullets and day olds year round. The list is on their Facebook page. Good luck!
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