What is the proper way to care for 2 two week old peachicks?


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Jun 11, 2009
Help, I am new to this! Our first try at incubating eggs from our rather new little flock of birds produced 11 little bantam chicks and 1 little pheasant. The 2 little peachicks were from eggs hatched from our peahen;she had laid so many eggs that these 2 were actually hatched out by a couple of our bantam hens.
My question is this-I currently have all the chicks together in a brooder and everyone gets along wonderful, even the little pheasant who was trying to fly out of the incubator right after he hatched! I have heard that peachicks are somewhat difficult to raise and that they are susceptible to getting worms, etc. Am I wrong to have them with the baby chicks right now? Of course, I change out the water, feed, and their bedding daily and keep them very clean. Are there some sort of worming drops to use in their water? What I have cannot be used before they are 4 weeks of age. Their starter feed is medicated. Also, would it be ok for me to let them remain with the chicks later on when they are big enough to put into their nursery coop and run or should the peachicks remain to themselves in another area, perhaps off the ground in a wired cage? Thanks to all with any info to help me out!
We start ours with chicks or whatever is hatching at the time, turkeys, guineas. After about a week we seperate them out from the chicks as we feed chicks 19% protein start n grow and the others 28% game bird starter. We don't worry about worming until they go outside.

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Thanks for the info! Ours is about 2 weeks old and like I said, they are all together. I am feeding them all the same thing, medicated chick starter. Our local farmers co-op says that will work just fine, but now I am wondering if I shouldn't be feeding the little peachicks something else...
Yes they need 24 to 28 % medicated starter, Myself I dont mixes them with chickens and keep them on wire first few months.
Keeps them from the waste, also disease. Some do, but BEST NOT to mixes with chicken chicks.

Most all big Breeders of peafowl raise them on wire at least 4 weeks and dont mixes with chicken.

Those that raise peachicks and turkey poults on th ground will lose a few. Myself Mine are on wire for 2 months. I raised 100% of my turkey poults, only lost 2 peachicks those died after a few hours after hatching.

Link to the way the biggest breeder of peafowl in the USA. He raise thousands every year.

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What's the best type of wormer to use and in what form? Alot of people use DE and put it in the food. Would that work or should you use something like Ivermectin paste?

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