What is the status of this egg?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by julskinka, Apr 18, 2019.

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    Well, I know I've read that incubation can start at surprisingly low temps, something like the 80s. Maybe this one got stuck in the box and didn't roll out until it had been somewhere warm for awhile?

    Are all the other eggs in good shape? Because if this is the only funky one, I'd suspect it was some sort of an accident.
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    These eggs are 4 weeks old, just been sitting on my counter at room temperature. Bantam cochin and cream legbar eggs.
    3A221FDE-29B4-4405-AFA6-D679EF3789D4.jpeg 57F809A2-5AFE-4037-B962-E3519C04A3D9.jpeg 49E8F820-E1FC-4FED-A935-88793207D61F.jpeg 45760E0C-B365-42FE-8FBD-3B6EFF3B996B.jpeg

    Good question. Could very well have been an oops.
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    They are claiming it was laid and collected within the last week. It shipped on Tuesday and arrived today.

    There was another one of this breed that was cracked in an obvious way (like, a naked human eye should have caught it), but nothing else in the box had any visible issues whatsoever.
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    Finally cracked it open! There was a dirty ashy looking spot on the top at the air cell, and then basically the yoke was hard boiled to the front surface. It looked ancient, and the embryo was basically a little brown puddle. Gross and weird, but the good news is that the seller is willing to refund or replace the egg.
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    Oh my, it's a good thing you didn't incubate it long, sounds like it was pretty rotten inside! I'm glad to hear the seller is willing to refund or replace it. :)
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