What is wrong with feeding chickens meat?


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Apr 20, 2010
New Brunswick, Canada
I was always tought that you don't feed chickens meat. for the same reason's that you don't throw meat in your compost pile. (and i don't really know what that is by the way) last time i brought this up i was told its like cannibalism.
I am kinda questioning this since free range chickens are supposed to be healthier and eat Greens, bugs and grubs and whatever they can basically get a hold of.
I would call them scavengers almost.
my other question is if we should not feed chickens meat why is it that we put protein in their feed???
I wouldn't think twice before i tossed a few worm in the run as a treat. and that is meat isn't it? So why can't i toss in a fish?

What are your thoughts on this? I know there are alot of people that feed their pets meat on here.
but my chickens are meat birds and are not pets so does that make a difference. (im pretty sure meat birds need more protein than an egg layer right?)
I am looking for answers from both sides who do feed meat and don't. and what kind of birds you have
I feed mine chicken, they get any leftover meal we have which includes fish/chicken/meats plus any worms I find around the yard. I think some people just have an issue with feeding them chicken, but to me it's just protein and good for them and certainly not going to hurt them! I'm not throwing a dead chicken carcass to them!
I feed mine meat... Like said in a earlier post chickens are omnivores just like humans, crows, pigs etc...

( you don't throw meat in a compost pile because it will draw rodents in)

Mine get meat scraps, whatever the dog doesn't want.
They had shrimp tails just a while ago, the pullets were risking their heads stealing it out of the big girls mouths!
No different than a bug, they're made out of meat just the same

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