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Jul 10, 2013
Sheffield UK
I had two likes this yesterday, but sadly te most recent poorly one died, she wasn't eating, whereas my girl that's been like this for 2 days is hanging in but by just a thread, she eats and drinks, but stays like this, when she try walks, she looks like a penguin:/ she's got tonic in her water, she's eating her normal food but with added chick crums as she struggles with layers pellets, what do I do? What's wrong with her?
Sometimes she leans that far back she nearly tips, this was the pics from yesterday, I personally think her comb has became more red as it was really dark purple? Help


Pics from now
How old is she? Are her poos normal? A hunched up chick with low appetitie makes me think of cocci, but there are other things it could be. I would probably treat for cocci first and see if it helped. Usually it is in younger birds though, so not sure. Good luck! Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.
Coccidosis is something the chickens get from the ground, usually an older bird will have built up tolerance, so since she is two it may not be that. They can have an infection when older if there has been any change in their environment, new birds, new place etc.
This link has info on treating for it.

They often have bloody poo with cocci, but not always. But it could be so many things, Since you had two get it, it is probably something infectious or something they ate that poisoned them and much less likely to be egg issues, etc. Are there any respiratory issues? Have they had any other symptoms other than hunched over/balance/ low appetite?

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