What is your favorite breed of quiet calm hen?

I agree! I loved my BO's. Sweetest, most laid back chickens I had. My dark cornish is pretty laid back, too, but I assume you are looking for a nice big egg layer.

My Barred Rock girls are very quiet and very sweet, not too shy and laways looking for a shoulder to perch on or a handout. Alot more "outgoing" with us humans than the rest of my birds - with the exception of my silkies. Can't beat a silkie for being docile IMO.
My SLW is pretty quiet all the time and likes to roost on me, although she is slightly more skittish than my Golden Buff. Dunch (the Golden Buff) can be noisy when she wants to be put in the travel cage but it is not too bad and not all the time. She's friendly and inquisitive, both will eat out of people's hands.
My Sebrights as long as you handle them more than once or twice a week. Mine love to be petted and sit on my shoulders.
It depends upon the invidivual bird. For every person who has a quiet buff there will be one who has a loud one. Our buff is pretty quiet (until you pick her up, then she honks) but my friend's cackles up a storm when she lays.

Our BSL is quiet until the RIR - and only the RIR - lays an egg.

The Australorp chatters constantly and never shuts up.

The barred rock we used to have honked all the time and did the egg song for anyone & everyone.

... ad infinitum...

You might get quiet BOs and you might get noisy ones.

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