What just showed up in my yard?

Alice EG

12 Years
Aug 29, 2009
Long Island
I was working in the greenhouse when I heard one of my roosters crowing, followed by a weird noise. It took me a moment to realize I was hearing a turkey! But I don't have any turkeys, nor does anybody near me. After locating the stranger in my yard, I snapped some pictures then herded the bird into the garage, where it is right now.

Does anybody know what this is? What breed, and possibly gender? It wasn't super tame; I couldn't get within arms reach of it. But it didn't panic when I approached, so I doubt it's a wild one. I don't know anything about turkeys whatsoever.


Thanks for the input. I'm guessing the beard is that dangling thing. I guess if it's a male, somebody probably dumped him. I shut him in the garage because I was afraid he might spread something. He doesn't seem ill, but you never know.

Now I have no idea what to do with this thing, other than feed him until Thanksgiving, haha.

Is there any special care turkeys need?
Don't lock him up teh owner will never find him. any way to seperate him from youre birds and keep him in back yard?
I have some chickens who free range most of the day. I'm worried about him fighting with my roo, or pooping all over where they feed(if he has parasites of any kind). If I let him go, do you think he will wander off? Or will he try to go after my chickens?

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