What kind of Snake is This? (Plus Strange Preservation)



Jun 21, 2020
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My Coop
2 years ago found this preserved snake inside my dads car door. He pulled the panel off to repair the window, and inside was this very strange, and perfectly preserved snake. My question is, What kind of snake is it? I think it’s a Copperhead, but it’s small and I’m not certain.

For a bonus question, does anyone know how this happened? The skin is shiny and preserved, and the scales look smooth, the body is stuck in this position and it’s fairly solid. I’d call it “Petrified” but google doesn’t show any info on anything preserved like this, not even for snakes. Is it just some sort of strange or rare thing? Could it be Taxidermy? I don’t see any signs and it looks very real. I’m sort of afraid to take it out of the air to check though, in case it starts to smell (Which it did the first time, if my memory serves me right) 😅
It looks mummified. We had a bullsnake get caught in fencing and do the same thing. It just takes time, lack of interference and heat with barely any moisture
Interesting! You wouldn’t have thought that could happen inside a car door! Is it safe to touch it or could the oils from my hands interfere with the preservation? (I ask because I want to move it to a different jar, it’s alright if you don’t know)

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