what kinda animal picks my girls feathers?

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    Okay so I've had my hens since they were born. Now I have never raised chickens before so im not completely sure if now is the time for molting season. Three of my hens have bald spots that never seem to grow back. I was under the assumption that this had to do with the pecking order. If it wasn't pecking order I assumed it was from roosters being too aggressive or just because they are american game fowl andits in their blood to be like that with one another. So I separated my roos from the hens and the feathers haven't grown back.. my next thought process is maybe they take time to grow back. (3 months? [​IMG]).

    Fast forward today I picked up a pair of old english (Bantam) from someone and examined them thoroughly (which both looked healthy and not missing any feathers). Well sure enough something told me to check on them, the hen i picked up today is missing feathers in the same spot right above the tail feathers!!!! SERIOUSLY WTH?? I barely set them down not even 3 hours ago. I know I have an ongoing rat problem but can they be doing this to my poor hens? And if so will they attack my bantams? I barely left them on their own in a cage and she is already missing feathers! PLEASE HELP!
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    Another hen has a feather pulling fettish need to watch them closly for a while to figure out which one it is. Chickens can be obbsessive compulsive as well Ill bet that is your problem. If it was a rat they would be going after meat not feathers.....Good Luck
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