what knd of snake is this???


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
flat rock
Killed this snake in the coop thinking it was venomous but now I think it is some other snake. anybody know what kind it is???
It had round eyes not slanted like a viper and it was shedding its skin
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no not a cottonmouth....but it might be some kind of water snake....checked its mouth, has two rows of teeth but NO fangs.
From the pattern it looks like it might be a hognose snake. Does the nose sort of turned up? If it is a hognose they will play dead when teased. They roll over on their back and if you turn it back over he'll flip right back upside down as if to say "can't you see I'm dead?" The pupil on a poisonous snake is vertical.
BINGO.....DING DING DING ....we have a winner....that is exactly what it was......thank you...I have a pond about 40 yards from the coop and I guess he was looking for some food....now I feel bad about killing him but he was striking at me and i thought it was poisonous and I have kids and chicks and I overacted.....live and learn...guess it did'nt help that I killed a timber rattlesnake the day before...thanks southerndesert...
Well if it makes you feel any better I don't think you over reacted. I mean if he was striking at you better him then you. There is no way for you to know if it was poisonous in a situation like that, its not like you had time to stop and check the internet or check its pupils. I mean even if it wasn't poisonous I am sure getting bit by it wouldn't feel good. Not to mention I am sure it was in there after your chickens or your chicken eggs. Anyway don't beat yourself up I know people say its good to keep them around to help prevent rodents but, if it was striking at you what you did was the best thing to do. Scary:oops:

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