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    My Wheaton Marans was bread to my black Marans hen. One of their off spring roos, looks like a Black copper Marans, (no blue or brown like his dad).
    Q1.) I'm wondering if the coloring looks like a Black copper IS IT a Black copper, or a Wheaton mix?
    Q2.) The roos is just turning 6 months old...will he develop coloring like his dad as he matures?
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    Hi neighbor from south of Fayetteville.

    What you have is not a Black Copper Marans. You have a mix or as we often call them, a mutt. For him to be a true BCM, he would have to breed true, and he won’t. His genetics are all mixed up. There is no telling what genes he would pass to his offspring.

    At that age you are pretty much looking at his adult plumage. His saddle and hackle feathers will develop more but the basic color should not change.

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