What religion do you belong to?


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This isn't a board to discuss and/or argue about beliefs, I just want to know what the major and minor religions that make up the members on here are.
I'm a Pagan (Wiccan), by the way.

Again, this board is NOT for discussion. It was already cleaned once, I don't want it to be shut down. I would have started a poll but didn't want to risk leaving a certain religion out and possibly offending somebody.
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Were are Roman Catholic. Would love to learn more about other religions. I find Buddhism and a few other Relgions quite enjoyable to learn about. Think it's really neat, how were are all so different. But hey on here, we all have one common thing, We all love our chickens.

I also spent a little bit of time learning about Pagans. ( I don't know much) When I see road kill, I always pray to the Gods, .. Probley sounds strange. I always say, Dear God and Goddess help them. Probely doesn't do much, but makes me feel better, passing a just taken life on the road.

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Grew up Methodist and still am. My children were active in the church youth groups and it afforded them a lot of wonderful opportunities. My son was especially involved in mission work and used to spend his summers working on homes for the elderly, participating in Katrina cleanup, installing a community wash-room with solar heated water in Mexico, and working with youth in Ukraine. He's seen more of this world than I ever have and his one comment over and over was that he was so impressed with how happy others could be when they had so much less than we do. It was an education I couldn't give him, it was something he had to see with his own eyes. I'm so very thankful that he was able to have these experiences as it helped shape him into the kind, caring, and thoughtful young adult that he now is.

While I was raised Methodist, I'm pretty much accepting of any and all faiths or no faith at all. In fact, my very best friend is Wiccan and we often discuss religion. I find her beliefs not unlike many of my own, especially in regard to respect of the earth.

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As long as posters refrain from pushing their 'true' beliefs, there is no reason this thread should not survive. A simple answer to the OP's question should suffice.

Exactly. If this thread is to remain open and no infractions given, please stay on topic.

One or 2 words should be enough for an answer.

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