What savory meals do you can in a pressure cooker?


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May 16, 2008
Estacada, OR
Hi, just got my first pressure cooker. Am excited about canning some things for make ahead meals and soups for lunchs.

What types of things do you pressure can for later meals? Soups? Stews?

Any recipes that are tried and true would be appreciated. I can google til the cows come home but I love the ones us regular folk use.

I made the vegetable soup and the beef in wine sauce from this book:

I haven't tried either from the jars, yet, but did have some from jars that didn't seal. Good stuff!

I also canned chicken broth and baked beans, but not from recipes. I followed the book's directions for the broth, and processed the baked beans for 90 mins because there was bacon in the recipe. Someone here said to process it for the amount of time of the ingredient that requires the most time. Made sense to me.

I'll let you know if it kills me.
You will LOVE IT!!!!! I can't give you recipes because my DBF is the cook...but he has cooked chicken, picked it off the bones and made a stew. Potato & sausage soup with kielbasa is the best, beef roasts with noodles, and a ton more things that I can't think of off hand.

You can pressure cook/can all kinds of things - he's done beet and turnip greens, pears, green beans, turnips, beets, okra - you name it and it can be done in the pressure cooker.

I never thought it would be used as much as it is (you know, another one of those appliances you get and it sits in the closet?!) but no way. The possibilities are endless.

Try the cookbook that came with it and experiment and enjoy!!!!!
Thanks for the info. So appreciated. I have read that you should not can anything with noodles or rice because it will just end up mushy. I thought that might be the case with potatoes as well. Has anyone else had that happen?
That's probably true - we don't can it with the noodles/rice - just cook the meat and veggies etc in there and then when it's done, we add the rice/noodles and cook it on the stovetop. It's amazing how fast you can prepare a meal that would take all day in the oven.

Also, the toughest chicken/beef comes out very soft and tender this way.

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