what should i get..?

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  1. OK so my friend wants chickens, so i have narrowed it down to






    and some more i cant think of XD

    so the pros are and cons.

    B- large eggs, friendly, roosters typically friendly-feathered legs, not reliable, slow mature

    W- friendly, good egg layer, small comb- roosters can be mean (more likely),

    M- good eggs, good layer,

    A- good layer, nice, reliable, - large comb, rooster mean

    O- good layer, nice, reliable

    if i didnt put cons or more pros then im still researching, well what do yall think?

    she can keep about 8-10 chickens, and is interested in eggs mostly, i convinced her to keep a rooster (she has hawks, i told her roosters will protect their hens) but she doesnt want one that chases her, she knows she may get a mean rooster in a nice breed but if so, SHE HAS LUNCH XD!

    so i fyou still have more questions please tell me!
  2. ruling out marans!
  3. HELLO... Hello... Hello... Hello... Hello... Hello.. Hello... Hello.. Hello.. Hello.. Hello.. Hello... Hello... Hello.. Hello.. Hello...

    Just something thats amusing.. for me.... XD
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    Feb 12, 2009
    Why you ruling out Marans? My Brahmas don't lay large eggs, but they are pink, until you wash them, then they can be brown with specks, tan, light brown, then they dry and are pink again. I like Wyandottes and Orps. Maran's and Ameraucana's for me.
  5. i read some reviews saying they werent the best layers, sorry am i wrong? well she ordered them and got...

    4 EE's
    4 Wyandottes, blue laced red
    4 Orps, buff
    2 Brahmas, dark

    and i had some guineas added to the order
  6. Illia

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Forks, WA
    My hatchery Brahmas never laid big eggs.

    Marans will lay plenty eggs, trust me, if they didn't then hatcheries likely would either not sell them or change them so they do lay more.

    Easter Eggers are an excellent choice but the roosters can vary in temperament although honestly are you planning on keeping a rooster and what for? If you plan to breed and hatch out offspring I highly recommend the EE, just choose the better tempered one, as you'll continue with interesting eggs instead of the same 'ol brown over and over.
  7. well she did get brahmas, i didnt exactly tell her they werent the most reliable, but she needed a nice rooster and with the other chickens she wont care LOL

    well we got them from Ideal and didnt see them

    she (not for me) only wants eggs but she has hawks and is going to keep the nicest rooster, as long as it doesnt flog her or attack her, it will be considered nice, i told her that brahmas are pretty nice so she is hoping she'll get a brahma roo, or at least a nice one

    she would post but doesnt have an account but has looked on here and likes it, im trying to get her to join
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    talking about unusual eggs.. Illia who layed that really deep blue in your avatar? Sorry to deviate from the subject... just ignore me and continue posting.

    the only thing I can say about my hatchery maran hen is like over five months and waiting for eggs!
  9. Illia

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    Forks, WA
    One of my Wheaten Ameraucanas. There's some strains out there that are champs at the intensity of egg color.

    Brahmas actually are pretty reliable, as said, most hatchery birds are. They might lay earlier or later than others but in general their first and second year will be pretty good. It's the third and fourth and on that like most especially popular breeds they won't do too well.
  10. Cool

    they are? well i know they mature quickly and reading reviews (and other spots) they arent the most reliable, course i have no personal experince since this is the first year were keeping chickens for longer then over the summer, we usually get rid of them when my dad comes back

    we have some EE's now (2, one HORRID layer the other, Ok but our orp, GREAT) and an orpington who is a wonderfull layer

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