What size / type wire for a quail hutch floor?


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Jan 15, 2010
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We just had a sucessful Coturnix hatch in the classroom at my son's school, these guys are ridiculously cute. I'm building a hutch for when they grow up, what size type welded wire is best to use for the floor? (they will have rest areas and dust bathing bins too, but I think a raised wire floor is safest for when they move outdoors due to skunks)
Yea! Protect your birds agains predators.

I try to recycle predators like opossum and coons.

I feed them to the vultures, after all vultures help to clean environment and they do not charge tax for it.

And remember that ....
If you are worried about skunks I would use 1/4" wire for all sides of the cage. This wire is too small for them to get their little hands through.
Poo does not fall through 1/4 inch wire very easily. 1/2" works better for that. However, some predators might still be a problem.

Personally, if making a raised cage for outdoor use, and installing a wire bottom, I would ALSO take measures to keep predators from getting under it at all. Enclose the legs in wire, too, as a first defense from predators. Make it where you can remove it, though to clean underneath.
hummm we switched to 1/4 wire, because the corts feet kept falling through the 1/2 " wire when they were younger....
haven't had any issues with poo not falling through....
I have cages with 1/2 X 1/2 bottoms, and also cages with 1 X 1/2 bottoms. I found out that 1 X 1/2 bottoms are easier on their feet, even though openigs are larger, but diameter of 1 X 1/2 wire is much larger than tiny 1/2 X 1/2 hardclothe wire, so they are more comfortable.

As for predator protection I keep all my quail cages inside large walk in 7' X 15 ' chain link dog kennel with solid metal roof.

I keep my coon traps set all the time outside, so an occasional visitor is lured to the bait and trapped after unsuccesful attempt to get to my birds.

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